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Sage Science develops game-changing instrument products for sale to the Life Sciences research and Diagnostic laboratory markets. Our mission is to provide new systems to streamline and improve sample preparation workflows. Sage Science is privately-funded. It is headquartered and manufactures at the Cummings Center in Beverly, MA, USA

The Company released the Pippin Prep DNA size selection system in 2010. The Pippin has since established itself as the premium platform for high quality library construction for next gen sequencing applications.

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Kapa Biosystems was founded in 2006 to develop next-generation PCR reagents. Our molecular evolution technology platform is currently being used to optimize enzymes for DNA amplification, next-generation DNA sequencing, and molecular diagnostic applications.

The majority of biomedical and research applications were designed around a small subset of native enzymes. The limitations of these applications are often the result of constraints due to enzyme structure or function. Recent advances in molecular evolution have allowed enzymes to be tailored to suit specific application requirements. Enzyme engineering improves existing methods and provides the foundation on which entirely novel applications can be built.

Kapa Biosystems conducts advanced protein engineering, taking advantage of recent developments in genomics, proteomics, and synthetic biology.

Roche acquired Kapa Biosystems in 2015.

Table Mountain Ventures LLC

The private investment portfolio for Table Mountain Capital LLC acquires interests in early stage businesses specializing in life science and technology. The principals of Table Mountain Capital have proven industry experience and have been involved in the founding and the successful sale of ventures including Agencourt Bioscience, a nucleic acid purification reagents and sequencing services company, Agencourt Personal Genomics, a next–generation DNA sequencing company, ECHO LLC, a broadband network-engineering firm, and Kapa Biosystems, a provider of genomic tools in the life sciences sector.

Table Mountain invests as partners with management teams and focus on creating long term sustainable value. We prefer to take a Board role in all of our private investments. Our background and experience can help your company implement best practices in finance, research and development and sales and marketing while utilizing our global contacts and resources to facilitate growth strategies

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