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Paul is a co–founder and currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer of Kapa Biosystems, a company using protein evolution technology for the development of life science tools and kits. Previously he co–founded both Agencourt Bioscience Corporation and Agencourt Personal Genomics. Agencourt Bioscience was a market leader in the genomic services and DNA purification markets which was successfully sold to Beckman Coulter in 2005. Agencourt Personal Genomics was acquired by Applied Biosystems and its technology was used as the basis for the SOLiDTM next–generation DNA sequencer. Previous to these positions, Paul was a member of technology development group at the Whitehead/MIT Center for Genome Research where he developed automation and biochemical processes for the scale–up effort to sequence the Human Genome. Paul holds a BS in Biology and Anthropology from Emory University.



John is a co–founder of Kapa Biosystems and currently serves as the company’s Technical Director. He has held a variety of academic research positions. As a graduate student in the departments of Environmental, Population, and Organismal Biology and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado, John studied evolutionary developmental biology at both the molecular and cellular levels. He is an active investor and has been involved in several biology and technology–based business ventures including scientific software and telecommunications. John is an investment committee member of Table Mountain Capital, LLC. John holds a BS in Biology and Anthropology from Emory University and serves as a Director for Diffinity Genemoics a life science company focusing on RapidTip for PCR Purification.



Robert is an investment committee member and is currently responsible for all the daily operations of Table Mountain Capital, which include business development, portfolio management, and counterparty liaison. Prior to Table Mountain Capital, Robert served in various roles in finance including research analyst of L.H. Investments, which focused exclusively on alternative investments. Robert holds a MBA from the University of Denver–Daniels College of Business and serves as a Director of the Westell Technologies, a publicly traded company that designs carrier–class equipment for telecommunications operators and internet service providers throughout North America and Europe.



Chris currently serves as the Chief Operating Office of Kapa Biosystems. He spent much of his career as a project manager and entrepreneur in the telecommunications field. Chris was a founder of ECHO, a broadband network engineering firm, which was purchased by Keppel Communications in 2003. Chris holds a BS in Physics from Emory University and an MBA, with a focus in finance, from The University of Chicago School of Business. Chris is an investment committee member of Table Mountain Capital, LLC and managing member of McGuinness Investments LLC.

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